the problem with protolol jokes is that they dont follow a protocol

  1. “I’d tell you a UDP joke but you might not get it.”
  2. “The only dates I get are updates.”
    — unknown

  3. “Dude 1 : “Hey, did you watch that new movie called ‘IP Address’??”
    Dude 2: “Which one, original or spoof?””
  4. Yomomma so big, she’s got her own OSI layer between L3 and L4, because the Transport layer can’t handle her. #protolol

    — SecurityHumor

  5. “‎”Yo mamma is so fat that she sat on a binary tree and made it a linked list in constant time.””
  6. “In programming, a synchronization object that serves several objects is called semawhore”
  7. “I once went to an ARP restaurant. Thank god I didn’t eat the food! It was poisoned..”
  8. “I broke up with my ex gf since we were incompatible at all 7 layers of the OSI stack.. From application to physical”
  9. “I once MPLS called my girl friend. She quickly hung up doubting my identity since I kept switching labels”
  10. “I’d tell you an UDP joke but you might not get it.
    Also, I have a TCP joke. I’ll keep telling it until you get it.”
    — reddit